MamaSezz Foods, Inc.

MamaSezz Foods, Inc.

Mama Sezz, Whole Food, Plant-based Meals, Delivered

Conscious consumers are demanding products and services from environmentally and socially responsible companies in all industries.

Brattleboro-based gluten-free, plant-based meal delivery service, MamaSezz Foods, Inc., is working to provide consumers with food that heals while providing a livable wage, benefits and stock options for employees. To help make this vision a reality, the Flexible Capital Fund (Flex Fund) announces an investment of $150,000 to help accelerate their growth. MamaSezz makes whole food plant-based meals delivered directly to customers with a pre-paid return label to send back all of the empty materials (container, inserts, ice packs, and packaging) so the company can sanitize and reuse or recycle everything.

The investment of $150,000 is structured as a minority purchase of common stock, which is a first for the Flex Fund. The investment was structured as common very consciously by the founders to ensure all stakeholders were on the same footing versus the typical power structure of investor having preferential rights over an entrepreneur.

Lisa Lorimer, Co-Founder

“We are very excited to have the Flexible Capital Fund as an investor and partner in our common mission to provide high-quality jobs in a company that supports local farmers, provides healthy food to our communities, and focuses on our environmental impact. The Flex Fund also adds tremendous value to our team with its wide network and their engagement to share ideas, good questions, and best practices.”

To learn more about the story of the origin of MamaSezz, check out this video of 80-year-old Millie, who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and who’s health was completely transformed by making the change to a whole food plant-based diet. And so, a business was born.