Vermont Butcher Block & Board Co

Vermont Butcher Block & Board Co

VTButcherBlock-logoVermont Butcher Block & Board Company manufactures and sells premium quality wood kitchen products, including bowls, cheese boards, cutting boards, butcher blocks, and kitchen utensils, in the housewares market. They sell their products online, through wholesale channels, and to corporate and restaurant clients.

On May 3, 2013, owner David Glickman and Vermont Butcher Block & Board were featured on Shark Tank (seen by over 6 million consumers), the ABC series that has entrepreneurs pitching their product for investment money from several well-known millionaires. It’s estimated that 54,000 entrepreneurs applied for the 2013 season, and ~185 were chosen to appear. With the publicity from Shark Tank, and new deals sealed with Simon Pearce and Berlin Food & Lab Equipment Company, David wanted to seize the opportunity to increase production capacity to match demand. He was looking for flexible risk capital to expand the business and provide him the help he needed to put financial and operational systems in place to grow the business.

The Flex Fund provided Vermont Butcher Block & Board with royalty financing for the relocation and expansion of their business from their residential location to an industrial park in Williston, Vermont, as well as to purchase equipment to increase manufacturing capacity and provide permanent working capital to grow the business.

David Glickman, Founder:

“We use the word ‘Vermont’ in our company name because we love this state. Vermont is truly a special place that stands behind its people and communities. After 10 years, our proven home-based business, Vermont Butcher Block & Board, just outgrew its production capacity and we had to do something to keep up with demand. Several additional out-of-state funding options that involve giving up equity presented themselves, but as a Vermont-based business, it felt right to choose the Flex Fund. Not only do we keep 100% equity in our firm, but the ‘Vermont’ in our name has new meaning as we get to give back to the community in our own way.”