Excerpt from vermontbiz.com

Aegis Renewable Energy, a Vermont based renewable energy company, designed and installed the first commercial wind turbine in New York City at “Sunset Park” SIMS Municipal Recycling plant in Brooklyn. Aegis erected the 100kW wind turbine in December 2014 and partnered with Vermont-based wind turbine manufacturer, Northern Power Systems located in Barre.

The project was recently featured in the New York Times: “In less than a month of operation, the first large-scale wind turbine to be installed in New York City, standing more than 160 feet tall, has produced enough energy to power two homes for over a year, or one 20-watt light bulb for over a century.”

The energy produced from the wind turbine “is expected to provide 4 percent of the energy used by the plant,” the Times article continues.

Aegis’ CEO, Nils Behn, was also quoted in the article: “The Sunset Park waterfront’s wide-open nature makes it a prime spot for harvesting wind.”

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