New Localvore Platform Connects Farms, Restaurants and Producers with Conscious Consumers to Promote Sustainability and Local Consumerism

Burlington, VT – October 5, 2017 — Localvore is on a mission to change the way conscious consumers discover local food and drink, and how local business owners reach those consumers.  Localvore merchants are restaurant owners and producers who source locally, create high quality products, work with partners within their communities, and make sustainable business choices. Today, Localvore is announcing its new platform of products and services to help their merchant customers market their goods and services even more powerfully to the target conscious consumer.

The new Localvore SaaS platform enables merchants to easily identify their food sources for consumers, promote events and specials, attract new consumers with time-sensitive deals, and raise money for nonprofits and causes they care about.  In order to help merchants better control and manage their promotions, Localvore’s new SaaS platform offers self-service and automation features, in addition to direct customer service support, to help deepen overall engagement with consumers. Additionally, consumers can now follow their favorite merchant and discover new ones, and be alerted to current or upcoming deals, specials and events.

Localvore is also proud to introduce its full suite of services to local farms at no cost. Because local farms are typically seen as the backbone of the local food movement, Localvore is engaging these agri-businesses to generate more awareness of the local food system, create opportunities for farms to connect with other businesses to support their growth.

“Localvore is about helping people find the best in local food, and identifying and promoting what locals love,” says CEO and Founder Dan White. “We have a unique model that meets the needs of the conscious consumer – whether a resident or visitor – and the local business owners that are founded on sustainability as a core value. Localvore creates authenticated relationships between farmers, restaurants, and producers, and offers a resource for consumers that they know they can trust and leverage for the best deals and promotions.”

“At Localvore, we are making a much more convenient, reliable experience for conscious consumers by providing information people want to know: what featured items are available; current deals and promotions; where was the food sourced. There is no other platform that centralizes all of that information. Not only are we helping to promote sustainability among business owners, but we are also helping communities showcase their uniqueness by featuring the best of the local food scene,” continued White. “We are leveraging technology to promote awareness and information on local food systems and merchants, and the user activity and engagement creates a foundation of an algorithm, allowing the platform to be focused on recommendations rather than search or reviews.”

Localvore’s revenue and customer base grew YOY for 4 consecutive years and serviced 20,000+ New England customers. Localvore is transitioning from a transactional-based model to a subscription model in order to support its goals of growing beyond Vermont and bringing its conscious-consumer platform to more communities. Localvore offers three membership levels for restaurants and producers, Free, Basic ($85), and Enhanced ($295), and the Enhanced plan is always free for farms.

About Localvore
Founded by Dan White in 2012 and backed by the Flexible Capital Fund and Vermont-based angel investors,  Localvore helps people discover what’s happening in local communities, with a focus on restaurants and producers who are sourcing locally, creating high quality products, working with partners within their communities, and making sustainable business choices. Localvore is based in Burlington, Vermont. For more information, please visit us at

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Localvore Reinvents How to Discover Local Food & Drink